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    1. Masks
    2. Covering Example
    3. Urgent Cover
    4. Locked Covers
    5. Invert
    6. Disguise
    7. Covers with Images
    8. Opacity
    9. Hot-Keys
  10. Move Aside Window
  11. Filer
  12. Reminder
  13. Security Protection
  14. Examples of Usage
  15. Software Modes
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Utility Software for Microsoft Windows


  Main Features
  • Masks, Covers (Plain, with Images, Inverted, Disguised) - allow to hide some parts of the computer screen to concentrate on the other sections, or display some images or instructions on the screen when recording a professional computer video clip or preparing lectures.

  • Filer - Multiple file changes - is a time-saving utility for managing computer files.

  • Reminder - has all the necessary tools on one window. It is specially useful for organized office managers and busy business people.


Screen Concealer allows instant covering portions of a computer screen using Masks. Each mask consists of 4 Covers (A, B, C, D), which can be set as visible or invisible.

Saved covers can be moved and resized temporarily, and returned to the saved position by clicking "Back to Saved" button Back to Saved button .

Screen Concealer window
Cover A of Mask 23

It shows that cover B and D are temporarily hidden.
Clicking on B or D icon will show the related cover.

Covers can be grabbed by their background, dragged to the desired part of the screen and resized as needed.

Covering Example

The following is an example of covering unwanted areas when watching a movie on YouTube. The opacity of the cover on the left side is 80% and on the right side is 90%.


Urgent Cover

This is useful when we need to cover a portion of computer screen immediately, and we do not have time to define a mask for it.

  1. Bring the mouse pointer to the top-left side of the area to be covered. Urgent Cover - Step 1

  2. Press Ctrl-F11 (the default hot-key for Urgent Cover), to get a cover of the first unnamed mask. Urgent Cover - Step 2
    The mouse pointer goes to the bottom-right side of the cover automatically.

  3. Click and drag the right-bottom side of the cover to the desired location. Urgent Cover - Step 3

The hot-key can be pressed 3 times more to bring the other covers of the mask (B, C and D) to cover any other portions of the screen.

Locked Covers

A cover can be locked to prevent it from moving accidentally. The shape of the mouse pointer when it moves on a locked cover, can be set in Options window.

Options - Covers


This feature is used when we want to cover the computer screen except 1 to 4 areas and Windows Taskbar.

For example, in the following computer screen, to show only the spirometry graphs with the red borders, and covering the rest:

    Cover - Invert Example - Background

  1. Open a mask (for example by pressing Ctrl-Alt-2 to bring mask 22).
  2. Set two of the covers of the mask invisible (for example, Cover C and D).
  3. Cover the desired areas to be visible after the Invert   (here, using Cover A and B).
  4. Right-click on one of the covers and select Invert.
    Cover - Invert Example - Not Inverted

This is the result. The back color of the cover can be set in Options. It can be locked and its buttons, title and borders can be set as hidden.
    Cover - Invert Example - Inverted


This feature makes parts of the computer screen look disappeared, by matching the background of the covers to the screen. After "Disguise" is applied to a cover, other things will not be visible under that cover.

It is specially useful when recording video clips from computer screen, creating animations, special effects, etc.

    Cover - Disguise Setting           Cover - Disguise Example

Covers with Images

A cover can have a background image instead of a solid color. The image can be either a snapshot of what is behind the cover, or any other image.

The images of the covers can be saved as files. The supported image formats are: BMP, JPG (JPEG), GIF, PNG, TIF (TIFF).

CoverWithImage - Setting

Cover With Image - Fairy

In the following covers, "Fit Cover to the Image Size" is applied. They are set as locked, and their buttons, titles and borders are set as hidden.

On the "ECG Definitions" example, the mouse pointer is set to a hand shape and on the "Tooth Sections" example, the mouse pointer is set to an arrow.

  Cover With Image - ECG Definitions Cover With Image - Tooth Sections


Each cover can have its own opacity. This is useful when we want the area under the cover be partially visible. The numbers on the right side of the percentages are shortcut keys.

For example, to quickly change the opacity of a cover to 40% we can right-click on the cover and press: P 4.

  Setting Cover - Opacity
  Cover Opacity - Example

If the background of a cover is set to a GIF or PNG image file with transparent areas, the cover will keep the transparency.

The following three covers are set with different opacities, and their buttons, titles and borders are set as hidden. A few sample files are included.

  Cover Opacity example - Baby Ghost

Hot-Keys are used to:
  • show or hide Screen Concealer window
  • show or hide Reminder window
  • bring an Urgent Cover to the mouse pointer on the screen
  • show or hide the last selected mask
  • show or hide a mask by its order number
   Options - Hot-Keys

Move Aside Window by Title

When a window appears in the middle of the screen which title includes any of the selected words, it can be quickly moved to a fixed place at the top-right side of the screen, where it is less likely that it covers the data that we are working on.

This is done just by passing the mouse pointer over Screen Concealer icon at the right side of Windows Taskbar.

Screen Concealer Icon

Screen Concealer icon
on the Notification Area
of Windows Taskbar

    Options - General 2


Filer is a time-saving utility for computer professionals. It allows the following actions:
  • Getting a copy of the filtered Temporary Internet Files (the files that have been accessed on the Internet)
  • Deleting filtered Temporary Internet Files
  • Multiple upper/lower change case of file names and extensions
  • Multiple changing phrases in file names and extensions
  • Multiple changing "Create Date" or "Modify Date" of files or folders
* Temporary Internet Files apply only to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Security Limitations

Filer actions are prevented on the following folders and files for security reasons, enforced either by Windows operating system, Screen Concealer, or both:
  • Windows System files
  • The folders and files in the operating system folder (Windows, WinNT ...)
  • The folders and files in the installation folder (Program Files, Program Files (x86), ...)


The necessary tools for Reminder are located on the same window. The notes that pass the due date, are automatically located at top of To Do list with a different back color, which can be set in Options window.

A note can be easily changed, delayed, set a new due date, or applied an audio file that can play a tone or say the note itself. A few audio files are included. The rows that are checked as Exp. can be exported to a Reminder data file and imported from Screen Concealer in another computer.


Security protection is provided for Options, Filer and Reminder.

Options - Security

Examples of Usage

  • Hiding annoying advertisements and animations on a Web-page, in order to concentrate on the other sections of the screen; for example, when searching for a job or a product in the Internet.

    This is specially useful for people who have Eye Sensitivity (Photophobia or Photosensitivity)

  • Making some parts of the computer screen disappear when recording a training video, for a teacher or professor in a college or university.

  • Copying parts of the computer screen and displaying them when performing lectures.

  • Covering sections of computer screen temporarily, during the presentation of a product or service.

  • Concealing the answers section of multi-question exercise tests for students, until they are ready to see the answer.

  • Removing or adding a phrase in lots of image files quickly, using Filer.

  • Getting reminding notes about important things that we don't want to forget.

Software Modes
  • Limited mode - The software is initially available in this mode.

    Allows to create one mask and Urgent Cover A (if the mask is not named).

    In Filer, allows to do the multiple Upper/Lower change cases.

    In Reminder, allows to have up to 3 notes at a time.

    It is free, has no time limit, can be upgraded to new versions and never asks for upgrading to Full mode.

  • Full mode - This mode allows to define 30 masks and has no limitation for Filer options and Reminder notes.

    A Screen Concealer Key can be purchased for a computer to convert the software to Full mode.

    The key is valid for all versions of the software. It is sold per computer, and will always work on the computer that it is purchased for.
    About Screen Concealer - Limited mode

    About Screen Concealer - Full mode

Current Screen Concealer users can switch the software to Full mode, by purchasing the Screen Concealer key of their computer ID
Buying Screen Concealer Key ...

Let us know if you need a specific feature.


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